Board of Trustees Goals

2022 Board Goals

Each year the SOCCCD Board of Trustees conducts an evaluation of its performance in order to continually assess its effectiveness. The process includes surveys of board members and employees, discussion of the surveys, and a workshop to review outcomes and set goals.

GOALS: Board of Trustee Goals for 2022

The board committed to the following goals:


1.  Monitor progress on the District-wide, Irvine Valley, and Saddleback Strategic Plans 2020-2025.

  • Increase degrees, certificates, and CTE program units
  • Increase transfers
  • Increase participation of CTEOS
  • Reduce unit accumulation for degree completion
  • Decrease achievement gaps in disproportionately impacted groups
  • Maintain Adult Education and Emeritus program enrollment
  • Student-Centered Goal focus on Student Housing
  • Increase ATEP enrollments

2.   Support the development of baccalaureate degrees.

3.   Completion of the student housing feasibility study and analysis of results for future planning.

4.   Continue to develop the ATEP campus in the following areas:

  • Begin construction on Saddleback @ATEP
  • Finalize negotiations and approve ground leases with Advantech and PJRJPA (Goddard School); begin construction on each.
  • Continue to identify and evaluate prospective tenants for ATEP 

5.   Support strategies and budgets that ensure the long-term fiscal health of the colleges and the District, including identifying funding streams to implement the District-wide Technology Strategic Master Plan (DTSMP).

6.   Support opportunities to enhance safety and sustainability efforts in learning and workplace environments.