Board of Trustees Goals

2021 Board Goals

Each year the SOCCCD Board of Trustees conducts an evaluation of its performance in order to continually assess its effectiveness. The process includes surveys of board members and employees, discussion of the surveys, and a workshop to review outcomes and set goals.

GOALS: Board of Trustee Goals for 2021

The board committed to the following ten measurable goals:


1. Establish the baseline to increase the number of students annually who earn associate degrees, certificates, or 9 units in a CTE program.


2. Establish baseline to increase the number of students transferring annually.


3. Establish baseline for students completing the CTE Outcomes Survey.


4. Establish baseline to reduce average units accumulated by students who complete degrees.


5. Establish baseline using Proportionality Index (PI) to decrease achievement gaps in college identified groups.


6. Maintain enrollment and re-envision delivery of extended learning programs (community and adult education programs and emeritus institutes).


7. Provide enhanced student support with a student-centered design including commencement of the student housing feasibility study.


8. Continue to develop the ATEP campus in the following areas:

  • Increase enrollments above the 2018-2019 base of 1,702.
  • Finalize planning for Saddleback College building(s).
  • Continue to identify and evaluate prospective tenants.


9. Support strategies and budgets that ensure the long-term fiscal health of the colleges and the District.


10. Monitor District response to COVID-19 and create opportunities for changes in teaching and working environments going forward to enhance safety and sustainability efforts.